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If you are just getting started and don't want to fork over the money for fancy accounting software - you don't have to! This simple excel document will allow you to keep track of your month-to-month income, expenses, and profit and convey this information to your tax return easily and efficiently. (Please remember... I'm not a CPA or Lawyer. Talk to one about making sure everything you are doing is right and legal and all that good stuff.)

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Thank you so much ... this very well put together and saved me a lot of time

Chad Hechme | 12 months ago  

Thanks so much! Haven't used it yet, but looks great.

Helen Enob | 12 months ago  

Does this excel doc work on both PC and Mac or just PC? I have a MacBook Pro and wanted to ask before downloading. Thank you.

Susan McCracken | over 3 years ago  

Does the download come in a excel format because when I downloaded it and open it up it comes in a pdf format

Carl Fordyce | over 3 years ago  

I think this is an Awesome tool also. Thanks

Jacob Anderson | about 4 years ago  

Great download - saved me a bunch of time and I would not have created something this detailed - THANK YOU!

David Mordzynski | about 5 years ago  

Saved me a ton of time - sat down to do one of these and thought about looking on BiggerPockets - gald I did. Thanks Brandon!

Rhonda Lynn | about 5 years ago  

i like it...thank you. i would just have to say that be careful of the Capital Expenditure line. you cannot just add that expenses to your taxes, it needs to be separated out and depreciated.

Dale Carlson | over 5 years ago  

I am trying to make it another year or two before I get into quickbooks and I think this might do the trick! Thanks Brandon

Ian Hoover | almost 6 years ago  

obviously its was well worth the time and effort to make my life much much easier thanks for this awesome tool......Brandon you rock my brother from.........

Michael Anderson | almost 6 years ago  

Thanks Brandon... This was helpful! I made a few tweaks to make things work better for me, and it saved me a lot of time. It was a great spot to build from!

Cailyn Aune | about 6 years ago