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This is the spreadsheet I use to analyze property. The password, if you need to change something, is "realestate" Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the spreadsheet and the podcasts, Brendan. In the spreadsheet I do not see why "Their closing costs" is subtracted from my profit.

John McGehee | about 1 year ago  

@edgar garnys "Does anyone know what the (W/S/G/PUD/etc) next to holding costs mean? Edgar Garnys | about 2 months ago " w - water / s - sewer / g - gas / pud - public utilites...not sure of the "d"... this would be my logical assumption. Hope that helps a bit! Kevin

Kevin Mohr | over 1 year ago  

Does anyone know what the (W/S/G/PUD/etc) next to holding costs mean?

Edgar Garnys | almost 2 years ago  

It seems it's a protected file and cannot be edited. I don't have enough space when entering a 1M price tag lol... editable version?

Derrick StClair | about 2 years ago  

The calculator is very handy for me when being at a potential property. It allows me to quickly analyze the deal.

James Francis | almost 3 years ago  

Using this for my first "real" potential deal. I wish it had a better separation of "types of potential funding" built in. However, it's been invaluable in overcoming my spouse's anxiety about REI. Yes, yes Brandon/Josh - I'll give your podcast the rating it deserves - excellent info (and entertainment)

Robert Morneweck | almost 5 years ago  

@Angie Lehnert - For the purpose of this example and spreadsheet 100% of the Purchase Price was financed so the 'Down Payment' was simply the total of Closing Costs, Repairs, Holding Costs. Its a great spreadsheet but may need to be fine tuned for our specific needs.

JG Phillips | over 5 years ago  

Thank you for this spreadsheet. Question: why do you leave out the downpayment when adding up the numbers to get your total investment and then the cash on cash return? Am I missing something? Thank you!

Angie Lehnert | over 5 years ago  

Great spreadsheet. I edited the hard money part so I could see the hard money costs including points and interest over different holding times. LOVE IT!

Kevin Kohler | almost 6 years ago  

This spreadsheet is great. As an investor friendly broker I'm also using it with buyers. Instead of them looking at what the flipper paid and what the list price is now and feeling taken advantage of, they can see the costs that went into the project and understand what they're paying for.

Micki M. | over 8 years ago  

I love the detail and ease of use. I have been trying to ascertain if first MH deal is worth the investment. This has helped me view both the now and into the future.

Jonathan Casillas | almost 9 years ago