Cleaning Checklist - Move Out Instructions

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This is the cleaning checklist I give to all my tenants before they move out! Use it for your own rentals and feel free to tweak all you want!

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Awesome, thanks for sharing

Yigal Dekalo | about 3 years ago  

Thanks, Brandon. I love that I'm able to edit the document and add to it as well.

Karl B. | about 3 years ago  

Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

James Peckham | over 3 years ago  

Thanks Brandon!

Marty Houghton | over 3 years ago  

Thank you!

Heather Gipson | almost 4 years ago  

Thank you! I appreciate the list!

Melissa Hollon | almost 5 years ago  

Great list. Thanks for sharing

Shaun Palmer | almost 6 years ago  

I came on BP to see what other people have for move out check lists and this is perfect! Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth S. | over 8 years ago  

Love it Brandon. Do you have the move in inspection you use as well that would be awesome. I think I will tweak the move out one slightly and just throw prices next to each item, then its crystal clear how much or little they will get back. Great list though.

Christopher Dumelle | almost 9 years ago