How to buy a bullet proof rental portfolio

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How to buy a bullet proof rental portfolio is where I share all my tips, secrets, helps on how to find your great area to buy high performing, easy to manage rentals.

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Excellent. Thanks so much for posting this, Curt.

Michael Mossbarger | 2 months ago  


Sherrill Gossett | 4 months ago  

amazing - thanks for sharing

Julienne Gutierrez | 10 months ago  

Thanks for sharing this excellent article !! Saif

Saifullah Mohammed | about 1 year ago  

You rock!

Penny Brown | about 1 year ago  

Thank you for sharing, this is well put together. I am so overwhelmed listening to podcasts and reading with what an investor could possibly do, I feel like a deer in the headlights trying to decide. Time to decide. Have a great day.

Brenda Maddox | over 1 year ago  

Thanks for sharing!

Lee K. | over 1 year ago  

Excellent. Thanks Curt for sharing.

Steve Dee | about 2 years ago  

Curt, thanks for this! As a new OOS investor with a family, I'm not looking for headaches. Thinking about tenants first makes a lot of sense. Don't want to chase high returns at the expense of having to spend a ton of time managing the hassle.

Luke Spence | about 2 years ago  

Thanks for sharing your experience! Your criteria are unique, but make perfect sense for what you are targeting. I plan to add one or two of them to my own criteria and see how they work!

J Weaver | about 2 years ago  

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and info. I am a newbie and found a hope in your presentation!

Ji Yeon | about 2 years ago  

Thanks so much for sharing! This will help us target much better rentals in the area.

Randy Smith | about 2 years ago  

Curt this was awesome!

Tyrel Rose | over 2 years ago  

Great presentation, thank you for sharing your strategy!

Kristin Feerst | over 2 years ago  

Thanks for sharing. I'm just getting started in investing and trying to formulate a strategy for my 1st rental property. This is Very helpful. I'm local and will visit GAREIA

N'neka Scruggs | over 3 years ago  

Fantastic information and equally great way of presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Tanmay Dh | over 3 years ago  

Excellent Preso .. Thanks!

Frank Siciliano | over 3 years ago  

I like how you added the job search for rental locations and 10 minute access to freeways. Great ideas.

John McDermott | almost 4 years ago  

Great Stuff Curt! Thanks for sharing!

Grant H. | almost 4 years ago  

Curt defiantly agree with you. Finding the best tenants is a major ingredient to the recipe of managing your own rentals. I have 18 doors having great tenants makes a big difference.

Jorge Guadian | almost 4 years ago  

Outstanding info and advice Curt. Thanks!

Rob Cook | almost 4 years ago  

Simple and to the point. Very thankful that I stumble on this... there's a couple slides made of pure gold in there!

Napoleon Georgatos | almost 4 years ago  

Impressive strategy here.

Jhaysin Gilman | almost 4 years ago  

Great info. Really appreciate you taking the time to share it.

Kenneth Maurice Moore | almost 4 years ago  

Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Happy for you and your wife's success :-)

Maria Borghese | about 4 years ago  

Thanks, really great information to consider.

Matt Pich-Maxon | about 4 years ago  

Nice strategy and thought process illustrated. Well done and thanks for sharing Curt!

Todd Morrell | over 4 years ago  

thanks for sharing! The GA metro properties have appreciated quite a bit in the past several years. Congrats!

Amy Hu | over 4 years ago  

Great read, thanks!

Virginia Chu | over 4 years ago