Improvement Exchanges DIY

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@William C Bruckner , It's not specifically prohibited but I'd usually recommend against it.  Flow of money from the exchange to you is a major red flag if audited.  You'd have to have pristine paper trail and expense reconciliations.  A 3rd party acting in their own best interests removes all of the temptation to see you as somehow dipping into profit.

Even an entity other than yourself but owned by yourself is a step forward.  Because that entity can keep books reconciling cash to the penny.  Fungible cash going to your personal account will always cause concern if it's looked at.

@Dave Foster hit it on the head @William C Bruckner .  You can do this but you should really step up your expensing and documentation. If you've ever acted as a GC before, try to charge in line with that prior work.  Set up a separate entity and keep separate books. You don't want proceeds from your 1031 account ending up in a personal DDA.  

And, as probably should go without saying, report all of the income and pay taxes on it. 

We have clients follow these steps and they've been perfectly fine.