Why I Went "Pro" On BP and Why You Should Do It NOW!

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I joined BP about a week or so ago with the intention of staying a free member.  After all, with all this great stuff, why do I need to pay?

Well, then I got to watch last Friday's webinar with @Brandon Turner . (I think it was him, but I was new, so everyone was the same at that point. lol) First, I got to see how amazing the webinars are! Then, during the amazing webinar, I got to see how amazing the tools are! (I hadn't wanted to "waste" one of my 5 uses, so I hadn't played with them yet.) After all, anyone who is serious about getting a great deal needs these tools. Too many people in the forums think they can analyze without them, but 99% of them are leaving out something important like taxes, insurance, CapEx, and other things. You are probably NOT smarter than the tool. Don't make the mistake of thinking you are. Oh, and sorry to disappoint you, but chances are, you aren't lucky enough to get an amazing deal and get your offer accepted in the first 5 uses of those tools.

"But I don't want to pay all that money!" 

1.  Making a deal without proper analysis will cost you thousands more. 

2.  The prices are going up in the next week or so, according to the last two webinars, so get your Pro while you can. 

3.  Generous Brandon has created a 20% off code good through midnight Friday, October 27, 2017.  The code is 1025.  (I hope it's okay that I shared it.  He didn't say it was a secret...)

4.  And perhaps most importantly, if we join now, WE GET GRANDFATHERED IN AT THE CURRENT LOWER PRICE!  (@Brandon Turner, please correct me if I'm wrong about this!)  He said in his most recent webinar that we will always be paying the lower, discounted price as next year's newbies pay perhaps far more.  If you're ever going to do it, now's the time!

What more could we ask for?!?  Well, there's plenty!  Go to www.BiggerPockets.com/Pro if you want to learn more before going Pro.  But, unless you have an earth shattering reason not to, I say, "GO PRO!"

Those are all valid reasons.  More importantly for me was the fact that the site provides me and thousands of others knowledge, contacts, inspiration, etc.. and I felt it was a way to support them and say thank you.  Even if you never took advantage of of the tools and webinars the interaction and knowledge far exceed the cost of the Pro membership. 

I like your thinking, @Paul Bowers .  It is a way of giving back to those who work behind the scenes to provide this wonderful community for us.  Because without them, this place wouldn't be half as amazing.  And without Pro members, they wouldn't be there, so...Great point!

I also wrote a my first blog post on the benefits of going Pro now--before they raise the price.  :-)

I've been on this site for years, made lots of money from it, and I haven't upgraded yet.

waiting on my best friend @Mindy Jensen to give me a discount LOLOLOL

It really is unfair how much use I get out of this site for free #LEECH

@Alexander Felice , I'm happy you're getting so much from the site for free.  I'm thrilled with my paid membership, but as long as we're both happy.  ;-)  

So, maybe Mindy doesn't love you enough to give you a discount...but Brandon does--20% through Friday at midnight if you use code 1025...just saying...Hahaha!  

Congrats on all the money you've made here!  It certainly is a GREAT place!

@Alexander Felice , I just sent you a discount code. Brandon's code was only good through last Friday. Mine's good through the end of the year, because I'm the real boss of BiggerPockets.

Initially I thought PRO was some sort of award  :)....     I  have gone pro finally due to the info I got from the site that has helped me become a more knowledgeable investor and landlord.  I have to say that I have thought about it for a while and of course the coupon pushed me to do it now  rather then in January.   I have to  start running through some of the extras I can now access like the webinars I missed and some analysis tools.

@Mindy Jensen , thanks for jumping in and handing out codes.  You ROCK, so I guess we're extra lucky since you're the real boss on BP.  ;-)  Btw, if I have suggestions, I've been sending them to the Support e-mail.  Is that the best option, boss?  

@Colleen F. , I'm really glad you finally went Pro and I hope you love every minute of it!  I know I do!  Congratulations!  :-D

New code good through Friday, November 3, 2017.  


I hope they don't mind that I'm sharing...

I am  a pro to simply support the site.. I have never looked at anything other than the forum.. and market place for a few adds... the rest of the tools here I would not use or need.. but the site is so powerful and price is so ridiculously low that its a no brainer for anyone who wants to network in earnest.

Okay, this is the last discount code I'm putting out (I assume).  The cost of Pro is going up $100 next week!  YIKES!  Use code 1108 to go Pro by tonight, Friday, 11/10/17 at midnight.  The code gives you a 20% discount and then you're grandfathered in at that price for life.  Don't believe me?  Just ask Support!  :-)  If you don't go Pro by midnight, I still encourage you to do so before they raise the price!  GO PRO!

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