Is it possible to get an internship at 14?

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Hey everyone, it's Michael. So as many of you guys may know, over the summer I am looking to get an internship with somebody near me. I live in westchester county New York but what I'm looking for is to work for an investor or a brokerage. Do you guys think that it would be possible for somebody my age, 14, to get an internship somewhere or with somebody? I also have many skills that I have from other things that I do, and I feel that I can do it, but I just want your advice on some things I can do and if it's possible to do this at my age.

Does anybody have advice or tips on what I should do? Or just your thoughts on this whole scenario?

Of course it is man. You might not be able to do a whole lot or get paid a lot but it should be possible.

If you really want it contact every investor or brokerage you can find and tell them you'll work for free.

Make sure to check NY state laws to see what you can and can't do and how much you're able to work.

@Michael Kantar just keep pushing man. Someone will.

Nobody is going to take you seriously until you prove that you're worth something.

@Jordan Moorhead see that's my problem, I don't know how I can prove to them I'm worth something if they never even get back to me.

If you are 14 most are going to assume that you have school during the day and aren't available for much help during business hours.  That is likely why you aren't getting any responses.  I am not sure about NY employment law but in MN there are restrictions on people who are 14.  Believe I had to be out the door by 8pm, couldn't even stay to help close the doors.

@John Woodrich in the summer teenagers are allowed to work more because there isn't any school. So that wouldn't be much of a problem, but it's still a great idea to watch out for laws that would restrict me from things. But as a 14 year, I'm 99% sure I'm allowed to get an internship in the summer as long as it's not with power tools and stuff like that!

@Michael Kantar First of all, kudos for looking to learn so young! Most of the guys your age just want to know about video-games and social networking! 

You can find more information on regarding the laws and a lot of other helpful tips on how to start.

In your age, I would try to attend some Real Estate events and network with the people there. It is important that you dress and behave accordingly of course, but I am sure that one of them would love to have an extra help.

Good luck on your journey!

@Michael Kantar

Love the work ethic!

Since you'll be receiving something (learning, mentorship, money,...) you'll have to provide something of greater value to your employer-to-be.


  1. Call bandit signs on the side of the road, and tell them you'll do whatever grunt work they need, as long as you learn how to be a better REI.
  2. Google "we buy houses Yonkers" Reach out to them and volunteer to do office/phone/email/design work
  3. Google "sell your house fast Yonkers" Reach out to them and volunteer to do office/phone/email/design work
  4. If you feel really gutsy, legally put 5 bandit signs on the side of the road, and write on them "must sell my house FAST" and put a burner phone number on it.

Ultimately, to get what you want (money, experience,..) you have to provide more value to your employer than the cost of them taking you under their wing.

Can't wait to hear what gigs you land!

@Michael Kantar when you get someone on the phone for the first time and you haven’t met them, don’t tell them you’re 14. Meet with them first and impress them with knowledge and work ethic. Then tell them at that first face to face meeting that you’re a minor. You don’t have to say how old you are if you want.

I got my first job at 13. I’ve worked pretty much ever since

@Nathan Platter see, I don't have much money to market myself like that, but some of the ideas I will definitely use! But when I go on those sites, what do you think I should ask those people?

Originally posted by @Michael Kantar :

Nathan Platter see, I don't have much money to market myself like that, but some of the ideas I will definitely use! But when I go on those sites, what do you think I should ask those people?

 As long as you have $20, you can get started.

As for the burner phone, get a Google Voice number.

As for what you 'ask', offering them something of value instead. You are offering your time, energy, and ability to help them:

  1. Get more deals OR
  2. Do deals faster OR
  3. Get more money per deal

If you can do any 1 of those 3, they will bring you on as fast as possible. 

@Michael Kantar I first worked for the city recreation department and then became a soccer referee at 14 and did that until I graduated high school.  The soccer referee was great because it got me out of my comfort zone and made me more extroverted.

Nothing does that faster than controlling an entire soccer game and having parents and coaches get angry with you.  Ever tried telling an adult they can’t do something when you’re around 16? Lol you can imagine how that went 

@Nathan Platter that's great, I'll definitely try it out, I just have to make sure those bandit signs are legal to post in my area first because I know certain areas don't allow you to put them up. Also, how can I help themselves deals faster and get more money per deal?

@Michael Kantar I used to do 8 games in a weekend. I'd work all day Sunday and Saturday and make 500 dollars. If were you I'd do something like this and just continue educating yourself on REI. By time I graduated high school I had more money saved than most people in their early to mid twenties have. This will be helpful for then doing REI

You can probably work at 14, it is just a matter of finding someone who see value in your ability.  I also had my first job 13.  Was prepping baseball fields after school then I got a job at a convenience store.  At 14 in MN I don't think you are legally allowed to even climb a ladder, they get pretty restrictive, at least in MN.  Inability to drive may also limit you in helping someone in RE.... 

For your safety I would complete a background check on anyone you consider working with.

@Michael Kantar , Do you have a resume? Even if you don't have work experience, you do have SOMETHING you can offer. How are you with social media? Your posts on  this site are always filled with correct spelling and grammar, and that is HUGE! You  don't speak in abbreviations and text-language so your point always comes across clearly.

You could offer to monitor social sites for investors - many of us don't have the time to do this. Offer to run their social media completely. 

How are your cleaning skills? Practice on your mom's house and she'll thank you profusely. (Heck, come over and practice on MY house!) 

@Mindy Jensen I do have a resume, and I actually clean very good, and I'm good at using social media, I actually have my own accounts just for business. Thanks for the help, and do you think I can apply these skills for a rei internship, or would I need to do something else for an rei internship?

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