I just wanted to give a big thank you to the entire BP community. Everyone here is looking to grow and help each other, and it's a great site to see.

With the inspiration of this community I've been able to reach some very important goals of mine such as savings and learning. I managed to save a lot of my income this year, which was roughly $7500, when my goal was only to save $6000 in total. I also made it through 13 fantastic books ranging from real estate to self development.

For 2020, I'm planning on saving another $9400 and reading 26 books and listening to even more podcasts. More importantly though, I plan to really start networking more. Hopefully meet at least 2 new people a week. I've always been bad at this since I always doubted myself ( who wants to talk REI with a 19y old college kid ), but I'm just going to put myself out there more and see where it leads.

Thanks again BP, keep doing what you're doing and inspire more young ones like myself.