I’m looking to hire someone for the role of due diligence in my land investing business. This involves making a lot of phone calls and using online resources to check: taxes, access to water/elec/sewer/septic, zoning, wetlands, flood, schedule and review photographers/photos, etc, etc

Is there already a job title for someone who does due diligence for real estate? Underwriter seems to really pertain just to loans (maybe valuation too which this role is not doing), real estate analyst seems to be more about valuation based on profit/loss/commercial style metrics.

This role might not be widely available, just reserved for folks with real estate investing businesses, so there may not be an official job title. But it helps to know if there’s a real name for it. For example, I’m also hiring a transaction coordinator so knowing what that job is called allows me to see similar job descriptions etc and perhaps hire someone with transaction coordinator experience and not reinvent the wheel.

Just curious if there’s a real name for “due diligence person” lol