Starting with my first "large" yellow letter mailing! Finally...

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After a long delay (which was completely my fault) I finally got an email from saying my order was done and being mailed out!  It was scheduled to be done on the 14th of July, but due to a mistake I made (and I am super thankful that they caught it for me!) my list was messed up.  It took me a while to fix it, balancing between job, home, and two kids.  But now with that behind me, I CAN FINALLY BEGIN!

So now, I am looking for you all to keep me at task.  I sent to 369 addresses.  I received about half of those leads from the county as out of state absentee owners and the other half I searched myself street by street.  My plan is to get something under contract and then decide if I can flip it myself or wholesale it out to a flipper.

I have a 40 hr a week job that I have begun to dread.  I am tired of busting my rear for a company that pays me $12 and watch as fellow co-workers stand around, or disappear for 20-30 minutes at a time.  I want a job that rewards me for how hard I work and I believe that this is where it is at!

So I will keep this thread open and update it every time something new happens. Hoping to be able to report a deal to everyone!

Thank you!


can you explain what's large yellow letters to me?

@Bruce L.  By large I meant amount... to me nearly 400 letters were a large amount of letters.  One day I hope to look back at that amount when I send out tens of thousands of letters, but for now 400 is enough.

@Michael Q. Thanks!  I must say that Norma and Alexis were amazing and helpful!

@Joshua Gordon Thanks! 
and what's yellow letter? is it advertising letters that you send out to a mass potential buyer/seller?

So I sent out 369 yellow letters, and on the first day of receiving calls I received 7!!!  Super pumped!  2 hang up/no voicemails, 2 inquiries, 1 unmotivated seller just wanting an offer, and 2 that sound like they might be super interested!  Calling them back right after Church tomorrow!  SO PUMPED!

Oh, and I realized that I never said where I was sending these letters to.  I am sending them to owners for homes in the Jacksonville, Fl area.

Congrats on getting started and good luck!!

Pay attention to the time you are spending and whether you are missing any opportunities.  This will help you gauge how many letters you can realistically send out at once.  My first mailing was 1000 and it was a nightmare.  Besides the fact, I wasn't very good at screening for motivated sellers, I simply wasn't prepared for that many calls over 3-4 days.  After that I did 250 / week.  Still got to the 1000 / month number I was targeting, but a more manageable pace.   

@Erik Hitzelberger  I have a couple questions if you don't mind me asking

  • What list are you mailing? Absentee? Probate? What is it?
  • How many deals are you doing per month at 1000
  • How long did it take you to get your first deal?

Dang @Joshua Gordon  thats a great response rate for you - almost 2% already. Did you send out the actual yellow letters or another one of their products?

@Brandon Foken  I used their investor yellow letter #1. 

I got another 6 calls today! My total is about 15 calls so far.  Things are looking good so far!

Good luck @Joshua Gordon Please keep updating the post on the number of people that contact you and the number of real leads you pursue.

@Shariyf Grevious  

Lol - If you are going to call me out, I have to admit that I got lazy over the last 18 months or so because it was so easy to find deals on the MLS. It seems the low-hanging fruit is now gone and it's time to get back to work though. When I was doing mailings, I was doing a deal or so a month with absentee owners. I think I did 3 in the first 1000 letters.

Congrats, and I look forward to hearing the updates@Joshua Gordon . I just did the same campaign but 250. I'm practicing my script to prepare myself for when the calls start coming in.

Nice job @Joshua Gordon   looks like your getting a great response rate! I decided to do 1000 for my first mailing. After reading this thread I'm realizing I probably have no idea what I'm in for. Yikes!

How's it going? any more calls?

@Joshua Gordon  What ever came from your first big YL mailing? Sounds like you started off great.

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