Introduction and Pick & Shovel Work

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Hi there.   I am reading through the site and really seeing some great stuff!

I am relatively new to formally being a real estate investor, but have done multiple major remodels on private homes and income properties before launching my business.   I have been in sales for 30 years.  I am doing some on the ground work to find properties, which is a challenge.   

Jeannie Comer 

Hi @Account Closed and I are looking for a deal right now, so if you really can chase down a strong off-MLS lead, we could be interested. Lets chat it out over beer next week if you can make it.

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Hi @Jeannie Comer ! Welcome!

Yes, as @Troy Fisher  er said, I'm hosting a meetup in SF tomorrow evening, and then coming down to @Johnson H. 's meetup in San Jose on Friday - then back down to visit   @Shane Pearlman and Troy Fisher down in Santa Cruz. I believe I saw you on the meetup, but there are lots of great options! If you find any properties in the East Bay, send them over! I'm not active down there though... You can probably contact @David C. or @Jeff Pollack if you find a good flip deal, and need to partner up with an experienced flipper for hard money.. 

Congrats again @Omi C. ! And stoked you could make a connection at the Summit to help you get to your goals! Hi @BeBe Cheng ! How's it going? I can't find any $100K houses in Oakland any more.. $200K either! Where are the cheap small houses at?!

Welcome again Jeannie, and looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

@Account Closed  Happy New Year!

Family went to Belize for vacation.  Great weather, jingle, Maya ruin, caves and snorkeling. Water everywhere.  Speaking English and using dollars.  Everyone should go.  All the resort properties are 70%+ American own, 20+% Canadian and a few% European.--being told.

I got final inspection passed on Los Gato property.  Taking care the rest now. Advising a Chinese lady (friend's friend) closed $5mil deal at Los Alto volunteeringly. Closing on a private lending deal in Orinda soon.  Still going after a probate in Oakland and a fix upper in Hayward with owners.  Hope it turns out to be something.  And filing 1099 right now. New goal is to collect my courage together to find flip deals in my area. See you Friday if I make it.

Welcome to BP Jeannie! You've found a great community here for investing. Hope to meet you in person soon. I'll be at Shanes meetup on the 16th.