When is an ugly house too ugly

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I've just started to look into the area I live in. It is highly sought after for its great schools and low crime. Houses are in the low 200's.
I see these 2 homes that are almost collapsing. There is a for sale sign in front. I have not given them a call yet.
Are these houses too bad of a condition to wholesale? What do I offer? Home will most likely need to be demolished. Land worth it?

You're getting ahead of yourself here. Based on the information you're leaving out of your post, it's clear you haven't quite grasped how to analyze wholesale deals -- I would recommend spending a couple weeks/months reading everything you can find here on BP, learn about how wholesalers evaluate deals, learn about estimating ARV and rehab costs, etc.

Once you do that, you'll realize that your post above doesn't contain nearly enough information to provide you a useful answer.