Starting out

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I joined BP about a week ago and I have been loving every bit of it, I am getting back in RE and hoping to meet up with investors in the Atlanta area, right now I am looking at wholesale deals until I have enough cash flow to buy and hold. 

Hope to meet so good minded folks here!    

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@Anne Dunna Welcome to BP. I am also a wholesaler here in Atlanta. BP will be that long lost uncle who had years of investing experience that you never had (if you use it correctly). I'm not sure where you are as far as getting started but I would suggest getting started with a direct mail campaign asap. By the time you start getting phone calls, hopefully you've read enough and spoke to enough people to have some type of idea on what to do with the lead. Even if you don't know what to do with the leads, BP has a very supportive community where you can reach out and ask for assistance.

Enjoy the journey!

@Anne Dunna   and @Kyle Gibson   welcome to the site! You have just found the best learning and social networking site for investors out there! 

What a great site learning everyday...I am trying to build up leads, what the best way to do that? I have connected with few investors getting call every day moving toward my goals.

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