I need to get out the door

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i know this sounds pathetic but I need to get out there.

I've done a ton of busy work and i do not believe i can get any more prepared to start than where i am now.

I've been to webinairs and find myself answering other people questions.

I've listen to countless you tube how to videos and find myself hear the same thing. even saying what they were going to say before they said it. 

i got yellow templates saved, i got seller scripts saved, i many different business card designs saved, i have a web site designed saved. the list goes on and on.

What i need to do is start picking up the phone and make some phone calls.

to like:

 calling realtors and get to know the hot spot markets

go to a reia meeting instead of keeping track of when they are.

network with others in my area

start looking for real property (not sample property to practice on) and runing the numbers

direct mail

getting on that phone.

it's just frustrating and i have no one to be frustrated at but myself.

has anyone gone through this phase?

what are some tips that you've done to get you out there?

@Tina Ferrier  just start sending Yellow Letters. Make sure to send them to absentee owners / owners with 50% or greater equity. Anything less and it's unlikely to be a wholesale deal.

If you have a lull in your mailings (perhaps due to budget constraints) start cold-calling Craigslist. I got an excellent lead yesterday from doing this.

Yes, I've dragged my feet a few times. I have an extremely demanding day job (60-80 hr weeks are not uncommon) and I do this on the side too. This forces me to automate and prioritize. There is usually a lull in my mailings (which I don't like) but I have to catch up sometime.

Oh, and since you're new: welcome to BP.

Sometimes all the the prep work and studying gives us excuses to put off putting what we know into practice.  The next step really just takes the courage and motivation to do it.  Nobody can do it for you, but you sound like you know that already and just need  that extra little push to actually start making things happen.  I went through the "analysis paralysis" phase myself, but I can tell you from personal experience that once you start doing it, talking to people and working on making deals happen, it does get a lot easier.  After you've done a couple deals (even if you don't close on them and just evaluate them) things start to happen more naturally.  

All I can say to help encourage you is "just do it."  Seriously, the worst that could happen is you get a little embarrassed and don't make a deal happen.  But, the upside possibilities are endless!! 

"You cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are." - Zig Ziglar

@Tina Ferrier   I have one rule I live by. Do something productive so that I move forward each day. Some days I do a lot. Some days I just read one post and respond to it. But every single day I will do something to move forward. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Birthdays, vacations, holidays. On the light days mostly vacations I will just log onto BP and read a post or two.  

The other thing I do is ask myself what is the on thing I can do that by doing so will make everything else easier or not needed at all? For example maybe today I attend a REI meeting. By doing so I will gain knowledge in market conditions, networking and analyzing.

You already made a list. So tomorrow I expect that you will do something that enables you to cross off at least two things. 

Remember EVERY SINGLE DAY take a step forward.

@Neil Schoepp  I really like that idea.  It makes each of us hold ourselves accountable to moving forward (at least a little bit) every single day. Great tip!!

Take just one step out the door and start saying yes.  

It can be something small - like updating your network that you're starting to buy property. Someone is going to respond back with something as simple as "Let's have coffee."  

So say yes.  

@Neil Schoepp has great advice - and in response you're going to have interactions with people.  Met up to discuss your goals? Yes.  Go look at a property?  Yes.  

The more you do it, the easier it gets.  Just need to take that first small step outside the door.  


@James Stevens   Yes! That's exactly it. Moving forward. By doing something no matter how small you are also developing  the habit of doing.

@Michell P.  you nailed it by saying the more you do the easier it gets. Just by doing something you get that snowball rolling and then the sky is the limit. 

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