To door knock or not to door knock?

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Hi I'm currently door knocking pre-foreclosure properties and I'm torn between two different ways to approach. On one hand I can knock on the door and risk the home owner being potentially upset with me because I'm a reminder of their financial troubles, or it could go well because it puts me in front of the seller right away.

On the other hand I can leave a juicy piece of marketing material at their doorstep and have them call me without any angst towards me, essentially a warm lead, or it could be they find it easier to throw out the marketing piece and they don't call.

I'm curious what you guys think is a better option and what personal experiences you have. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Introduce yourself in person. They might get mad at your marketing material and toss it out and lose your number. If you are in person you at least have the chance to change their initial impression - marketing material can't do that. 

Change your perspective on meeting the owners. They may see you as a reminder of their financial troubles and you have the opportunity to change their mind into seeing you as a solution to their financial troubles. And if you get a bad vibe from the get go you don't need to stay long and chat. Down the road, you could possible send them a letter reminding them of your previous visit. Don't be pushy but be a source of helpful information instead. If they are seeking help they may be able to find it elsewhere and you might be the person that opens that door for them.

I have been contemplating this myself, thanks for the post guys. 

Being a door knocker myself, I seem to do better with this method than by drip marketing. It could be because my marketing pieces suck, end up in the trash, or don't convey the right message at the right time.

With that being said, I've had the person on the other side of the door call me an angel, and a few others says my visit was unappreciated or I'm a greedy #%*!

In the end, if you can help someone with their situation, I think you're obligated to try regardless of your delivery method. Cheers!

@Steven J. .  When I started out in this business, I had no money for marketing so the seminar I went to said to start out by door knocking.  I was terrified and can say that the first 3 times I went out to a property to door knock, I never got closer than the driveway of the house.  But then I realized that I have a potential solution to their house challenge and I can be seen as someone who can help.  Not everyone wanted my help, that's for sure, but it gave me the courage I needed.

If you take the time to drive all the way to their house, then knock on the door.  If it is fear that is holding you back then re-evaluate how bad you want what you are after.  Door knocking can bring many more deals to you because you will be doing something most of your competition is not willing to do.

Good luck!

I vote for door knocking. When I first started working NOD's I would drop stuff off, mail just to avoid facing the angry beast behind that door, I waited to be invited. Phase two, just going to the door for my first contact and making sure I wasn't dressed like a banker. When I learned to offer help my success rate jumped by 400%.

I once ran into an angry king kong, and I finally figured I was about to die when I said tell me something if you were in a serious car accident and bleeding profusely, would you yell at people stopping their cars and coming to help you and tell them to get the hell away from you? I don't think so, and here I am to see if I can help stop the bleeding or drive you to the emergency room and your being a total*******. I didn't cause your accident. He went totally silent and just stared at me. I finally broke the ice by saying I just think I hit you at a really bad time, how about we get together maybe this afternoon or tomorrow?  He just mumbled yeh this afternoon about two would be OK. And a deal was born.

Thank you guys for the awesome responses!!! This is very helpful. One last thing. How about does the dialogue go when you approach? How do you typically open and what are some responses you encounter?

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