Seeking a Mentor

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Hello Bigger Pockets Community. My name is Jorge Soto I am currently living in the Sacramento area. I am new to the world of real estate investing. I am currently looking for my first duplex to purchase. My plan is to use my VA loan to buy it, live in one unit and rent the other for a year. After that year I plan on renting both of them out. I have read multi books on real estate investing. But like everything in life, I need real world experience to go with book knowledge. If any one in the Sacramento area knows of any real estate groups in the area that would be wonderful.


Welcome to BP. We have two REIA groups in Sac and one in Roseville. There is a local meetup in the area about once every three months.

I'd be glad to help you out with info in the area.  I see you are from Citrus Heights.  That will probably be one of the best areas to find a duplex in the price range you have listed.  It will probably need some repairs though.

I have been investing in the Sac area for 15 years and lived here for over 35 so I know the area well.  If you ever want to meet for coffee or talk on the phone send me a message.

I'm also still on active duty and a vet so I'm somewhat familiar w/ VA loans.

Awesome! Do you have any more information on those REIA? I would like to meet up, I will be sending you a message sometime this week? I look forward to speaking with you.

Hi there Jorge! The next REI meet up is the Sacramento one at the Crown Plaza hotel on Date street. It is this Wednesday, June 10th at 5:30pm. The Roseville REI is usually the first Tuesday of the month.

Go to your local REIA most can be found on and ask around and find a mentor, someone who actually knows your market, ask for recommendations. Avoid the Flip this House HGTV marketing machine selling you a magic box of goodies for upwards of 40k. I mentor new investors in the New England area and hear "I wish I had met you before I spent all of my money" they get caught up in the smoke and mirrors and want answers so badly they buy in and come out more confused, frustrated than ever. Find a reputable mentor in your area and hire them to consult with you one on one! Best of luck to you.

I believe it is all about strategies when selecting a mentor. You should start out learning how to buy and sell without using any money or credit. Once you learn how to invest without using money, there will be a greater probability for success when you use your money.

The last one was at the Whitney Oaks Golf Course in Rocklin at 6:30pm  You can also follow them on the closed group on Facebook under "Roseville Real Estate Investing".    I do not think they will be holding a meeting in July because it is too close to Independence Day holiday.