The process and documents for buying a parcel of land

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Newbie at real estate. I have owned my own business for a long time though.

Here's my plan: I am going to get a list from a county here in Florida, of tax delinquent properties. I will filter it out so that I am only mailing out of state owners of raw land assessed between $1000 and say $30,000. My mailer will offer to purchase their land at a deeply discounted price (since they probably don't want it any more anyway).

My question is this: I need to know the step-by-step process, and the documents I need to use, when a seller contacts me back and says "Yes, I will sell at that price". What do they need to sign, what do I need to sign, what needs to be notarized, how do I get the deed, what needs to be recorded at the county, all of those basics. I know I can hire a mobile notary service to deliver the paperwork to the client and get signatures, etc.

I know this is simple stuff for most of you guys but I just have not gone through the process myself. But I know if I send out mailers on a consistent basis I will eventually get some deals. Just need to know exactly what to do at that point. Step 1, Step 2, that kind of instruction.

Looking forward to taking consistent action and making this happen! Thanks in advance.

Safety Harbor, Florida

@Scott Johnson

  real estate is  real estate... no matter if its land or inproved

1. you can go to any office depot and look at the legal documents there.  since your buying low value land you don't need anything fancy.  Pick our a standard Earnest Money or purchase contract... it will be fill in the blanks.

2. fill in the blanks IE purchase price  who is buying who is selling and settlement date.

3. get it signed and e mailed back by seller..

4 walk the contract into a local title company and have them process it like any other transaction.

pretty simple as you said.. or find a simplithetic realtor who will take 30 mintues with you.

I don't know FLA RE law per se the disclosures are usually on the onus of the seller not the buyer so you probably have no issues.. but again a RE broker should be able to answer these questions in 10 mintues