New Beginnings - Positive Banter Needed

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Happy Monday, All!  

I am starting real estate school this evening. Wish me luck. I am super excited, although i might want to die after the six weeks is up. I work full time, have a 9mth old and 3.5yr old, a husband who works hard and now RE school at night and every Saturday. Am I freaking CRAZY?! It will all be worth it, but I need to hear it from you guys.



You are CRAZY!!! We all need to be CRAZY. If you are normal then you would do what normal people do which is nothing. So I am sure you will do GREAT and bring it to another whole level of CRAZY!!!

I just finished the home study courses through Kaplan, trying to get signed up for my state test immediately.  It looks like i'll have to deal with the bureaucracy which is going to delay me for weeks, seems like they are operating 30 years behind as far as technology and communication.  Paper application's with fax or mail?  seriously?!

You will be happy you did it, 6 weeks isn't that long.  My first 4 years of college I worked 40 hours a week and went full time....but I didn't have kids!

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First class was pretty painless!  I have a million notecards to make to learn all the terms but overall it gave me a lot of momentum.  Thanks for the kind words and feedback.