Subtle things to look for on a property walkthrough

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I know how to spot some of the more obvious, glaring problems when walking through a potential investment property, but what are some of the more subtle things to keep an eye out for?  Things that if not taken care of can lead to serious problems down the road?  Any hints of things to be aware of or look for are greatly appreciated.


Age of mechanicals, roof, fuse box, attic for electrical issues, insulation, hvac ducting.  Wood rot / termites.  Old windows.  I'm just throwing out things that could become big ticket items.  The list is long but that should get the conversation started

I look for nonstandard remodel work. If somebody has jimmied around with the electrical, knocked down walls, or tried to be a handyman, I am not interested. I like old and dated properties, but not rigged projects.

As for electrical goes you need to have an electrician look at your panels they will be able to tell you a lot about the electrical system. If it fuses, federal pacific, zinsco these are problems wait to happen. These are older then the 90's all have serious issues from fire potential to breaker failer or sized wrong for the wire. Aluminum wire is another issue especially is someone changed the device and install one the is not rated for aluminum. No ground or gfci's installed. Some of these you can see and other need someone that knows what they are looking for to find.