Would a Hard/Private Money Lender Lend to an 18 Year Old?

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Note: I'm not asking for a lender, I'm just asking if a lender would lend to an 18 year old under certain circumstances

Bank type or private investors (I would most likely need to find a private investor or a group of them)

Say I was 18, found a home with a market value of 100k. Say I got it under contract for 60k due to extenuating circumstances (maybe pre foreclosure, short sale, etc)

If I needed to fix it up, or something similar, and if I presented a good case to one of these people, would they lend me money if it seemed like a promising investment?

@Robert Afoa Hard money lenders care more about: Credit history, Income, and experience. If you have a decent fico with no experience you should be able to get funding. Especially if the deal is good.

Hope this help

A property with good ROI potential under contract with a solid business plan will in the least get you serious consideration with a HML. You might consider partnering up with a more experienced investor for your fist deal or two, or more if things are working well between you. This would add to the experience part of the business plan. The end goal is more than just the earnings in that first deal or two. The end goal is to build your resume while you are still young enabling you to go it alone if that's your desire.

Biz Plan is a must, be sure to include your team of professionals to show that even though you are young, you have a team of professionals behind you.  Realtor, CPA, Insurance agent, Attorney, Mentor/Coach/Partner.

Ask Your family.  They know you and probably like you.

I backed my sons in a bussiness when the oldest one was 19 years old and never regretted a cent of it.  After one or two false starts they each made out very well in the bussiness world.