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Hey everyone, 

I've been reading through the forums, listening to the podcasts and I am truly inspired every time I'm on this site. It keeps me motivated. I am currently a full time student, with about two years left until I get my bachelors degree and I am also working a part time job. I am interested in doing buy and holds, and would love to own multi family properties. Starting out, I would like to try and do a fix and flip to raise some capital for other projects down the road. Without any experience, I am not sure which niche I will want to pursue.  I live in the western suburbs outside of Chicago, specifically Aurora/ Naperville. It's pretty pricy out here and my wife and I are also new to the area so we are not very familiar with the surrounding cities.  I'm from the Detroit metro area and have mojority of my family there. My father and cousin are both contractors with their own companies and I was thinking about potentially trying to find a deal there to start. I am not opposed to trying a flip here in this area as well. We do not see ourselves living here upon completion of my degree, but I don't want that to hold me back from starting a deal. I am ready to pull the trigger but am unsure of the steps needed to be taken as well as how to find the right deals.

Sorry this wasn't really a question, rather an introduction but I am mainly looking for local people in my area with the same interests and who are willing to network! I am open to any and all suggestions, thank you in advance.


Tony, You and I are on the same boat. Two people from different places, trying to find a way to get started. I'm also in the Chicago area. If you interested in partnering up, let me know.

@Andrew LeBaron

Thanks for the tips!

@Mark Ainley

Thanks for the advice and for reaching out, I look forward to talking with you some more. 

@Erick Martinez

Thanks for reaching out, Ill send you a request and we can talk more!

Welcome, Tony! Always nice to see another new investor on the site. I just moved to Chicago, too and am ready to make some deals! I recently linked up with realtors and am networking at any time that I can. There are a few BP meet-ups happening in the next few weeks. Link up with @Brie Schmidt and @Crystal Smith . They are super friendly and helpful. There is one more new one that I am not recalling the point of contact, but if you search the site, I'm sure you will find it. 

Let's stay connected and motivate each other to the reach our biggest goals! Good luck! 

Congrats on showing the interest and initiative to post an intro on this site. Just remember, however, that there are people that utilize an online persona to be less than honest. Not pointing fingers, but there are some in our area that have an online presence that is far from reality when you meet them in person. They may fake a few people out initially, and sadly even get money from them, but in the end their fakeness comes shining through.

To get started, before jumping in with any one person and believing any and everything they say to you, including here online. Do your homework on them. Really really find out who they are, what they really do, how much they really know.

I found one local club where the two guys running it, seemed legit, but then I dug deeper only to find out they were nothing but thieves. Even their online testimonials were nothing but "creative".  I decided it was worth my time to delay my "start" until I fully vetted other individuals and their advice. One piece of advice that is wrong, can kill a career before it begins.

Sadly, some people on here need to be fully vetted out.  I searched and searched, found some people on here are nothing but full of crap. I asked key questions. if they answered like a politician (answering without actually answering) then I knew they weren't the people I would entrust to guide me. 

So I attended many local clubs. Found many that were sales pitches, some were full of people that had a really nice resume, well nice if their profession was creative writing. Then there were a handful that were just down to earth. they answered with honesty based on their personal experience. I don't have to take their advice, but at least I could tell it was heartfelt and born of real world experience.

In short, do your homework, not only on deals, but on people. Houses, don't work to hide their issues, but people do. Are there good and solid people in real life YES! We just need to know how to screen the bad ones out, like going to a store and picking the best fruit in a pile. Eliminate the rotten ones.

@Tony Iaconelli

Welcome to the area! Are you over at AU getting your degree? This area is exspensive but some areas around can still be worked with, and Aurora provides alot of deals, just have to search them out! Good luck to you and see ya around!

Welcome to the site! It sounds like you have a solid idea about your goals and bonus points for contractors in your family. They can be a valuable resource of experience and advice.