Are there Mentors who are really willing to Mentor a New Guy?

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So if there truly is someone willing to mentor someone else what should the mentor expect from the new guy? What should the new guy expect from the mentor? Business works out well when the parties who are doing business together understand there positions so no one gets there wires crossed. Now I am new to BP and Real Estate so I would like to know if two people come together ( Mentor and new guy) what should they expect from each other or should you have any expectational at all?

Brandon Whitaker we all love to talk shop. Network on BP with other investors and eventually you'll find and see the regulars on here. Find a few you are comfortable with and pick there brains. If you find someone local, then meet them for coffee or diner and be sure to pay for it!

@Brandon W. , welcome to BP. Be sure to read through the Learn section above it is loaded with tons of great info. Then you need to start reading other areas and learn your own market. In order to get someone willing to invest their valuable time in you , you will need to show you have the initiative to try to learn on your own without handholding. A self starter will get help before someone who says please help me what do I do. You also need to bring something of value to the mentor. Time is my most precious commodity. If someone comes and asks me to help them, they will be taking up my time. help the person you want mentoring from. Help him run numbers or clean carpets, or paint when he needs it, hell mow his grass because he is too busy to do it. I had a great handyman who did a lot of work for me at a good price. I offered to do a JV with him to teach him about being a landlord. Unfortunately his business did so well he had to time to really try landlording and so we sold it a tiny profit after 2 years. The point is his service to me made me want to help him. Don't expect something for nothing, try to give more than you get. Do that where you work, when you love, and how you live life.


Thank you Jerry for taking your time to give me good advise. I also believe its important for me to have a good foundation so I can help out in running numbers or whatever they may need. Also by having spent time learning and figuring out some things on my own I show I am serious. Not investing in myself first is like a developer wanting to construction loan to build a hotel when he has not even got the land under contract yet, not really have anything invest just an idea. I don't want to extra weight to the mentor I want the mentor to see me as an asset someone that will take what they say to heart and do my best to implement it. I would especially have no issue with helping to do work on a property that is also a part of learning stages. I will deffinitly check out the learn section and continue to learn. If you have any other advise let me know. Thank you again for your time.


That is smart advise. I will definitely look for the regulars on here. I hope I do find some locals and yes I will definitely pay. If you think of anything else that will be helpful please let me know. Thank you for your time.

@Brandon W. the way to get the notification script to work is by tying the @ sign followed by the first 3 letters of the persons name.  Then the names will pop out in a list at the bottom of the typing box.  You can also type the @ followed by ?  and the name of everyone in the conversation will appear at the bottom, click on one to notify then you are mentioning them.  It will send them a notice so they will see your post.  try it.

  On another Note the more you know the more you have to offer to a mentor.  Never quit investing in yourself.

Hi Brandon, 

see about your local real estate investment meet-ups, these will be folks that you can network with.  put up your keywords for you area to ensure anyone discussing on your topic keyword, you can see what's happening and how the interactions are going.

the Podcasts and webinars, the books listed on this site are wonderful to really become familiar with trusting yourself to push forward.  Finding a mentor is great however you are in the site that will feed you awesome information all day long.

@Jerry W.

Thank you for helping me to understand how to notify someone. I didn't know that is how it works. Yes I will continue to invest in myself and also help who ever I can along the way because I feel its important to help people (who are truly serious about bettering themselves and there lives) learn real estate because if done right I know it can change a life. Again I appreciate your help and if you have any more insight or knowledge please let me know. 

@Vernon Emami

Thank you for the great tip about checking local RE meet-ups. I did set up my key words for my area and other things of interest. The Podcasts and Webinars are awesome... I have been looking at Brandons book "Investing in Real Estate with no or low money down" have you read it and if so what did you think about it? Again thank  you for your great tips. If you have any others please let me know.

@Brandon Whitaker  Very Awesome, nice work! 

@Brandon W.

There is an old saying - "When the student is ready, the mentor will appear."

@Jerry W. gave you some incredible advice already, but I'll try to add a little bit. 

Learn as much as you can and start talking to people about everything you're learning. Tell people about your goals and how you're going to get there. Make an impression upon people. Make them talk about you to their peers. Then eventually there will be an experienced investor who gets asked, "Have you heard about Brandon Whitaker, the new investor in the area? Wow he seems to have a ton of potential." Then eventually you two will cross paths and that's when he becomes your mentor. Long story short, make your potential so strong that your mentor won't be able to resist the chance to work with you.

@Brandon W.

Consider sending messages to other members which is my favorite part of the website.

@Grant Edwards

That is some of the best advice I have received. It also makes sense. It sounds like I'm creating the opportunity. I will continue to learn and talk to people in my area. I actually did something similar to what you are saying.. I was at Barnes & Noble looking for real estate books and I saw someone looking at the same books as me so I sparked up a conversation and by the time we got done talking he gave me his card and we have been communicating through email and text. He has sent me a lot of great information he actually is the one who told me about this site. Thank You again for responding and using your time to give me some great advice. I will make my potential strong.

@Mark Nolan

I appreciate you taking the time to help nudge me in the direction of also reaching out to other members. Any advice on what I should be looking for in members besides ones in my area or members that have upgraded to PRO (Brandon Turner said it shows they are more committed) and I am sure the amount of posts, votes, and awards matter. I am probably missing a bunch of things to look for, If you have time please fill me in.....

Thank you for your time.

Hey Brandon Whitaker , I was in your exact position three years ago. I was living in South America, my wife wanted to come back to the states and I decided I was going to learn RE. I hopped on BP trying to connect with investors and and find a mentor, I was open to relocating anywhere and pretty much intern for free. I tried sending some messages, talking to some folks on here but building trust is something that takes time and sometimes (not most BPers) are guarded people and don't really want to take someone under their wing thinking that later they may compete, at least that is the feeling I have gotten from some people in the field who fail to give any specifics and dance around questions. My solution was to switch from looking for a mentor and finding a boss. I was now looking for an entry level position, my thought was if I was hoping to trade my time to learn why not actually get paid for my time, after all that's what most of us do 9-5, trade our time for money. When I changed from looking for a mentor to looking for a job in RE, it made things a bit easier, in the end I got the same thing, all the education I wanted and got paid for it. Now I have the knowledge and skill to be dangerous and successful on my own, but I am happy where our company is and excited for the future. Maybe you could have the same luck. Probably not what you were looking for but its the way I solved my " RE Education" component. If you can narrow down what type of investing you want to get into, I will help you brain storm how to maybe connect with some people in that field. Are you hoping to be a house flipper, buy and hold, finance (debt/equity), there's a ton of things.

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