Water damage in basement and mitigation contractors

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Hello!  I made an offer for a house that has water damage in the basement and it's making my husband nervous.  I am hoping to find a good licensed contractor that won't overcharge.  Does anyone have recommendations?  I need to get quotes by this Wednesday.  Thanks

@Giovanna Enciso Start with networking and talking to other rehabbers in your area and find out who they are using, they will usually tell you the good and the bad ones. Also check your BBB (better business bureau) website and look for good reviews and A+ rating there. Both good places to start in my opinion. 

Full Disclosure, I am a general manager for a Mold Removal & Remediation company in St Louis, you say the basement has water damage, depending on how long it was there you could potentially have mold in the basement whether it is finished or not-finished. Make sure you or your contractor look for that as well during the inspection.