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@Jamal White

Keep in mind that a virtual assistant can only be as good as the direction you give them. I work with remote support centers in the corporate space. Most VA's are very eager to work hard. Most of the failures I have seen are the result of trying to farm out something without a real process.

Make sure you can be very detailed about what you want done and how you want it done.  

Start small and grow their scope as the process and results allow.

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Great advice Dax!

Most times VA's are viewed and used as one would use a "personal assistant". However, the VA you hire should be aligned with the goals of your business and have the ability to support you in areas that a personal or in-house assistant sometimes cannot. I don't doubt that you can get "good" work out of an International VA for a cheap price, but as in anything you get what you pay for and it will show up in the work in which they provide. I have utilized international VA's in my own personal projects and I have had some outstanding VA's for simple tasks that did not require training or any type of background knowledge and then I've hired US-based VA's knowledgeable in Marketing, Sales, Real Estate, Finance and Human Resources that could help me in those specific areas when my team was overloaded. So be sure to know what you really need from the VA, are you looking for an Assistant or an Asset to your business-big difference!

@Samia Bingham You are so right in the fact that your VA should be aligned with your business goals and be able to support them. A quality VA should be considered an investment to help grow your business, someone that will work collaboratively with you to achieve the same end results, not just handle simple tasks (although there are VA's that are great for that as well)

@Jamal White

Lots of great placed for virtual assistants.  I have used places like for one time technical tasks and Craigslist for long term assistance. We have help on call from a guy we hired off Craigslist and he is paid by the property to complete maps for our postings. We set up shared files in google drive and it works perfectly! (We have never even met in person.) 

Hope that helps!