Buying land, sub dividing, then developing?

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Hello everyone. What would the process be to buy a piece of land, get it sub divided and build a couple houses on it? How do you find out if land can be sub divided before you actually purchase it?

I see alot of new houses in my area (Orange County) being built. Every time I drive past new construction I get angry at myself and ask myself why am I not doing that? Why am I not part of the action?

Start by learning the zoning for land use. In my area, the zoning is on the tax records (called Realist). Google your [county name] Parcel Viewer or the equivalent of that in your area. Take the parcel # and look up the parcel viewer. 

Google short plat or preliminary plat in your county. Read about the process in your county. Research height restrictions, set-backs, ingress and egress, parking requirements, etc. 

@Dan Alva I recently bought a SFR on a large lot and subivided it for one smaller building lot. Our city sets appointments with the planners every Monday where you can take your idea to them and they can tell you in general what is allowed, required, some general costs, etc. (be sure to already have a parcel in mind). I made that part of my due diligence prior to purchase. Ryland is correct that trying to work within existing zoning makes it a simpler process. So, if a parcel is already zoned for your intent - and you aren't trying to do anything special - then it is just a process rather than a battle.

When you are looking to purchase land to develop on. Do you just happen to drive by or see a piece of land you like and find out who the owner is and contact them to see if there interested in selling? Or do you just go by what you find on zillow ect. under the land for sale section?

talk to your local land surveyor.

In NM a subdivision is different and more complicated than a lot split. 

Also in city the rules vary from outside the city limits.