How to approach owners? After driving for dollars.

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Hello BP.

I began driving for dollars in my local community. It was so much fun! I found 9 potential properties. After researching the county assessor website I want to reach out to 3 of the owners. 

Any tips on how I can structure a direct mail request?

Do you have a current list that you are going to fold these 3 into or do you plan to just mail out 3 pieces. If they look like a good deal from the street I might just knock on the door and start up a conversation with them. Since it is a low number of leads.

Right, you don't have enough leads to need direct mail, unless they are absentee owners.  If they are and you know their mailing address, just send them a letter telling them this property came up in your research and you'd love to talk to them if they are interested in selling.

But if they are owner occupied, definitely go knock on the door (or just knock to find out if they are the owners or renters in the house).  Point is - get over those butterflies in your stomach that are preventing you from walking right up to people and talking to them about the solution(s) you offer.

You need a business card and or brochure to give people so they have a way to understand what you do and how to reach you at a later time.  Having a memorable brand or website provides a much easier path back to you.

Remember, your offer is unlikely to arrive at the exact moment of your prospect's need.  Marketing is about repeated touches on a well-selected target market so that over time people can respond to you when THEY need to, not when YOU want them to.  For a few, that will be on your first touch, but for most, it takes repeated contacts over time.  Point is, every touch is valuable even if they don't respond.

Last thing, to find deals you need to SIGNIFICANTLY expand the people you are reaching.  3 is good for day ONE.  What about day TWO and beyond....


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