Trying to get as much info as I can before I start Investing

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I'm very new to real estate investing as well, but what I have found myself doing early on is spending a lot of time reading posts on here as well as listening to the podcasts they have which are great.

Another thing I would do is download the Ultimate Beginners Guide under the learn tab. Personally I printed it out so I can take it with me wherever I want.

Once you are comfortable enough, I think most people would say to definitely jump in and close on your first deal. You will learn most by doing rather than just watching.

Hope this helps a bit!

@David Hall and @Patrick Wheeler --  So glad you are jumping in.  You'll find many folks on Bigger Pockets who are very passionate about real estate.   Since a lot of the stuff we do can be scary getting as much info as you can is a good place to start.  I love Rich Dad Poor Dad because it taught me about wealth.  The Millionaire Next Door is another good book.  If you haven't read 4 Hour Work Week it is another good book.  Rich Dad teaches you about entrepreneurial thinking.  Millionaire Next Door gives you a great insight into the real millionaires in this country.  Most don't live in fancy houses.  4 Hour Work Week just breaks your typical way of doing things and is a fun, informative read from an incredibly creative entrepreneur.  In addition to reading and podcasts, find a local real estate investment association.  Go early.  Make some business cards -- just to have something to pass out to others.  Collect business cards and stay in touch.   Passionate investors love talking real estate so if you find someone who can teach you something -- reach out to them and offer to buy them coffee/soda/sangria and talk real estate.  

Keep posting and let us know how you're doing!  

Best, Teresa

There is no one best way. Each investor comes with different resources like time, money, credit, business savvy, etc.  You need to study and get at least a general background of info, to figure out what is best for you. 

You have found the right place to do that, here on Bigger Pockets.