House flip in Charleston, SC

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Hi BP!  I'm a newbie and I'm interested in doing a house flip in Charleston, SC.  I actually joined BP a while ago and I've been doing research and learning a LOT on here.  I just recently purchased the Book on Flipping Houses and I'm excited about reading that.  My problem is that I actually just recently purchased my first home so I don't have much cash on hand right now for another down payment.  I've read several of the articles on using hard money lenders to fund house flips, but my real estate agent has warned me to be careful and be sure I know what I'm getting myself into with a hard money lender.  I figured I should come to BP since it has already been such a good resource, and I'm sure that there are some BP members here who have used hard money lenders in the Charleston area.  Does anyone have a lender that they trust that they would recommend?  Thanks!

Jason, congrats on the new home purchase and for just wanting to learn more about real estate. We are doing the same and close this week on a home in Charleston. We are working with Scott Campell from Prime Lending and he has been absolutely incredible. Easy to work with, no hassle and really nice too. I'm putting his number below. Call him if you need somebody. I highly recommend him. 

~Mike Bargetto

Scott Campbell

Prime Lending

(843) 442-3351