Shipping Container Homes

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I currently have a few properties.

Well I might score some vacant lots near a downtown area soon.  9 in total.

Building a property is expensive.  I thought of shipping container homes.  Anyone ever deal with this?

I am looking at doing one of these as a guest house on the back of a rental property in Orange County. I have been doing a lot of research on these but do not personally know anyone who has any experience with them. There is a project in Phoenix that just opened up last week ( ). Check out, I'm talking with them about building one for me. 

I think they make great sense, for about the first 30 seconds you think about them.  After that, I think they're just a goofy, impractical idea.  Unless of course, you're talking about providing rudimentary basic shelter like in some place like Haiti after a natural disaster, sort of like long term tents.

you know it's getting real big around here in the South those homes made of steal that look like a barn they're not there a regular house inside they even have a place to park the car and some of them

Hi. Anyone have info how to best find the land zone to allow for container homes to be built? I understand you have to check with each local county or city zoning department, but was hoping someone might have experience or links to resources that can identify the zones classified to allow containers and/or areas they have built them on more quickly. Checking with the departments one by one for each land listing that looks promising seems very inefficient.

Regarding costs, i hear build costs of containers vs stick built being similar, but I had wondered if that is taking all aspects into consideration like build time, foundation and site prep requirements, etc. yes, steel cutters and welders are a special trade but the structure can arrive pre-built and potentially just sit on concrete pier foundations if the soil and zoning allows. That would seem significant savings over building concrete foundations and wood structure. Not to mention, in hurricane climates and seismic, container structure provide extremely additional structural support compared to conventional stick build.

Anyone else have thoughts or real experience on this?

I also found a cool container home on Airbnb Box Hop - Hocking Hills