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Hi Everyone,

I am not a real estate agent and do not have full access to the MLS. I'd love to be able to search the descriptions of MLS listings for specific terms used. Does anyone know of a way to do that for free online? I can't seem to find a way to do it efficiently through Redfin or - perhaps I am SOL.


If you provide a realtor in your area with search specifics, they can provide you with a daily email that will search for your criteria through their MLS account. You won't be able to search for anything and browse, but a few daily emails in a large enough region will provide enough new listings to keep you busy. Good luck!

Hi Jeff, unfortunately even with MLS access there's no way to do a keyword search. There is a bunch of "criteria fields" you can use to narrow your search, but agents don't always fill out everything on their listings so it might cut out something that could have showed up. What exactly are you looking for? I'm an agent based on the north side of Chicago. If you're looking for property on the MLS you need a buyer's agent. You'll be able to access the MLS with a client portal. You can't do your own search, but you can set up automatic daily searches for what you're looking for.

@Jeff Mikos this is a great question and I am curious if different MLS systems have the ability to search by keyword. I just checked my client portal through MyMatrix and I do not have the ability. This would be a great feature though and I'm sure it will be around in the near future!

Maybe MLS is different from state to state but in Florida we can (and I do all the time) keyword searches - searching both public and Realtor only remarks in listings.

I search for keywords like "investor, asis, fixer-upper" and have "keyword hotsheets" set up that I check about ever four hours. It helps me get the properties to my investors and get offers in on those properties ASAP. 

Like I said, maybe every MLS is different from state to state, but keyword MLS search are the way to go.

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@Jeff Mikos - we can't keyword search but if it is a field on the MLS we can set up searches based on that data point. If you tell me more specifically what you are looking for I can tell you if it is possible

Thank you @Brie Schmidt thank you @Jeff Morelock thank you @rob 

@Rob Brautigam & thank you @Filip Gjorgioski

You know how you might be sitting around sometimes and come across a random property. Then that property leads to to other somewhat related, but still not focused searches. Next thing you know you are looking at properties either halfway across the country or digging in deeper in areas you are familiar with. That is sort of what happened here. I came across a listing that had "seller financing available" in the description and got my mind rolling. Was hoping that I could, without too much effort, identify properties that had similar descriptions.  

Redfin has the ability to search "remarks" (which my understanding are specific remarks agents can enter in to a variety of different fields, but doesn't query the description) under the Home Facts in their filter.

Thank you again for the help. I'm disappointed that what I am looking for doesn't exactly exist (I am searching in Illinois and Wisconsin) but also relieved that I hadn't missed something really obvious.


For all with access to MLS - the way our system allows is by adding public remarks to a search and then adding keywords by using the following format...

*investor*, *fixer-upper*, *asis*, *seller financing*,

it may not make sense at all if your system is different than Florida's. YOu can't leave out both * * and you need a comma in between keywords