Craigs List - OLD Posts...

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Hello everyone :-)

As a newbie....and starting to analyze the Craigs List postings....I wonder just how far back I should go to realistically find properties that are still available?

Even 30 days....might be a stretch?

Thanks for any advice!

Craigslist ads will actually expire after 7-45 days depending on your location.

The key to looking for properties on Craigslist or any classified site for that matter is history. History will determine motivation. What I do is I reply to any ad I see but keep track of it by coping the property address in a spreadsheet along with the date posted. Most people repost frequently. So if you are checking the ads everyday and you see a property show up everyday for 2 or 3 or more months then you know they are a motivated seller.

If I had already contacted that person, I send them another reply telling them that I know I had already contacted them before and was just wondering if they might be interested in my offer. Basically, you are trying to determine how motivated the seller is.

Great information Jim.  Thank you so much for the input.

I was contemplating starting a spreadsheet with the listings I replied to....and thought it might be too much of a time consumer.

You made a good point though....and tracking might be the key to successful communication with the seller.

Thanks again!