DBA address?

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Hello BP community! 

I'm want to get a DBA for my REI venture to start off instead of just my name. To me, it would seem more professional and would probably be taken more serious when dealing with home owners... That's me thinking though... Anyway, somewhere along the lines I heard or read somewhere to get a DBA but not to use your personal home address. Instead to use a business mail address such as the one from the UPS Store which is not a PO Box but an actual street address.. Is it legal to do this, and would it be more beneficial contrary to using your home address? Please advise.. Your opinion matters...

Thank you and sorry so late...


The reason for using a different address is so that people won't show up at your house unannounced. And yes, it is legal to use a UPS store mailbox as your address.

Good Morning @Chris K.

You mean using the address of the post office where your PO Box is? Hadn't thought of that. The thing about the UPS Store box is that they'll forward your mail where ever you are. I travel a lot, my job keeps me jumping all over the place.. That service would help me tremendously... Thanks for your input Chris, I really appreciate it...


It's a new service and not all post offices allow it - so make sure to inquire before renting the box. It's my understanding they'll accept UPS and FedEx packages at the locations that allow street addressing.