Insurance agent referral for a duplex in 100-year flood plain

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So...there is this duplex that I am interested in. I drove around the neighborhood and it looks like this one is at the tail end of 'gentrification.' It's not part of a HOA so it offers less of a curb appeal. Then I noticed there are some trash dumping around the neighborhood.

However, it feels pretty safe in the neighborhood because most part of it has been renovated to a decent shape. 

Turns out, this duplex has gone through two foundation repairs in the past year and once was due to flood. The property is in 100-year flood plain which means it has 2% chance of flooding.

How does this change the prospects of the property? Is this something a newbie can handle? How much trouble can a property in 100-year flood plain be?

These days, no one really knows as it is not settled yet, but we are now avoiding any properties in a flood zone unless it is such a good deal that we would pay cash and hold it without a mortgage.  The latest hit is that all investment property is getting an additional $250 annual surcharge to whatever your current flood insurance rate is, even if you did not have one of the cheap subsidized policies.  I do know my policy says specifically whether my property has had a flood claim before (mine has not), so you may need to check whether you can even get flood insurance if there's already been claims against the property, as it would not be a good idea to find out you can't or it's way too expensive after paying for inspections and appraisals.