Building Connections with Motivated Sellers

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Let's say you just sent out your second wave of letter/postcards and you're finally starting to get calls which instantly fills you with a tremendous amount of anxiety and excitement. Heavy breathing. The sweats. And let's say you can't help but answer the phone like a maniacal, mad scientist, business-negotiating abomination waving a wicked voodoo staff straight out of the comic books. You just can't contain yourself.

And I'm not talking about me. I'm asking for my friend, who is definitely not me.

So I guess my (friend's) question would be: From the moment you receive the first call and you're getting the initial information, how do you go about building rapport? How do you establish that initial connection? I understand that it is probably a good idea to maintain a reserved demeanor (unlike my friend) and feel out the situation before diving straight into the business side of it. Please give me some examples of how you secured a deal, and extra points to anyone that secured a deal even after pissing off the seller. I'll be expecting all the juicy details so don't hold back!