Please Help!! how do i bounce back?

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I had a mentor to convince me to try property inspecting. I did 2 trainings riding to several locations on the weekends.After deciding to put in my Notice of leave,i immediately called and told him. He says he will notify his company of my joining the team.2 days later he says i must work from his email of work before making me my own ( Red Flag). 2 weeks fly by. After contacting him of not being able to meet on Saturday,i asked lets start fresh on Monday. He texts ok.  Monday and Tuesday.... Phone turned off. Wednesday its back on.i call answer.. i text.. he texts ..just got in town. Text u later.. i received No Text that day! Thursday and Friday i call.... No Answer! Any advice.  I'm so near to beginning my Real Estate career. Please Help!   - Birmingham, Alabama resident 

@Kendus Stringer

Its hard to tell from the post, but were you expecting a paid position with your mentor's company or just some coaching? Sounds like you left your regular W2 for this. There are many active threads on this and why it is a bad idea, so I won't bother getting into that. Based on him avoiding you, I think you might have a big-shot wannabe or someone who simply isn't committed to your success. Either proposition isn't a positive for you. 

There are many free resources to help you understand investing on, but real estate isn't a make money quick scheme, it takes a lot of time and hard work to start reaping the benefits of what you have sown. If you need immediate cash, I would recommend going back to a W2 and invest part time until your investment income can replace your W2 income. If you can live without immediate income, I would listen to the podcasts here and decide which real estate discipline really interest you. If you're strictly interested in being an inspector, do research to find out what the license requirements are for your state and get started.


I agree with Christopher, there is a part of your post that is missing. Were you promised a job doing property inspecting with this mentor? Can you get back you 9-5 job?

Find out on you own what the requirements are in your state/area to be a property inspector. Usually there is some kind of course required and/or working under a licensed party for a while. Is that what was supposed to happen with your mentor?

How did you find this mentor? Can you search for another?

Good luck and keep us posted

I'm guessing this is some preservation co. type "inspection" where they pay you like $8-$10/inspection, with pictures, as they are required to do monthly inspections.

@ Douglas Snook i am working at my 9-5 part time until I find my own full time job successfully. And yes i read on the certifications needed. I will still look further into the requirements . Even before I had my mentor, which is a guy I went to highschool with, I know people won't always treat me with Full honesty. I must use common sense while networking.  I work hard and will continue to do so. Even with obstacles.