Interviewing a title company

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What questions would you ask a title company or closing attorney when you want to use them to close wholesaling transaction? 

I've recently been referred to a title company to use them but I don't know what to say to them. I know I need a title company to close my wholesale deals. 

Please help me out

You can do exactly what you already did... ask us.

I am a HUD authorized Brokerage right near you and for years we have used Jordana(Dani) Angles at Central Florida Title in Clermont ([email protected]).

She has over 20 years in the business and works with a number of investors.

What we love is that everything can be done electronically, as we have investors as far away as Norway. She is also a HUD approved Title Company, they do remote closings, and (for investors) are also set up to do simultaneous closings.

I think John has given you a good start. You want to make sure the title company has done the kid of deal you are doing (wholesale), how long have the been in business and can they give you an idea of what they charge for fees.