Best way to get comps in NC

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Hey, I am having trouble finding a realtor that will work with me to get comps.  Is there another way to get accurate comps without a realtor?  If anyone knows a good realtor in Raleigh NC area this would be a great help.  I have tried facebook, but it seems a lot of realtors are not that familiar with wholesaling.  Thanks Everyone.  Any help would be great.  

@Princston Terry

Were you asking for free comps? If so, you're not likely to find many real estate agents who will be interested in providing them. I think you'll find that most real estate agents are all too familiar with wholesalers. We get messages from them by the dozen, so you need to set yourself apart from the crowd or just offer an incentive for them to do the CMAs.


I pay one in Fayetteville to do mine. It's worth the few dollars. Hopefully I can pass some deals on to her to put on the MLS. You have to create the montezation of both sides. It isn't a huge dollar amount but it shows you are serious. She offered to do a few for free but I opted to pay anyway.

You can do it the hard way to get a ballpark. Go on Zillow or Redfin and find every house nearby that sold. Compare them and create your own.

For arms-length, closed transactions in Wake county, Zillow sales history and data is reasonable. It's not a CMA, but you can enter the data into a spreadsheet to do +/- comp adjustments. Or use county data or pay a licensed broker with MLS access.