Which ENTITY STRUCTURE to choose in EU - France - HELP

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Hi to all! 

Is there anybody please who can help me with choosing the right entity structure?

I am a beginner located in EU Dijon - France. I signed my first contract for BRRR strategy.

Each year I would like to buy at least two property, fix them, rent them and resell later. So my activity will basically include a fix&flip and rentals or BRRR strategy. What would you choose? Even in US ( I will try to find some french equivalent) Here the creation of S.A.R.L. is very expensive (i'll rather flip a parking place instead LOL) and for SCI (société civile immobilier) we have to be two people but I am want to do things alone. I am lost. I am already buying my first property but I feel it's wrong to do it on my name, not on the name of the entity structure. I am lost. I really need some advice. Thank You and have a nice day. *sorry for my english


Bienvenue chez BP!

Il n'y a pas raison de faire des excuses pour vôtre anglais, mais si vous devez décrire quelque chose dans votre langue maternelle ... allez-y, svp.

I cannot help you with the choice of holding property in your own name versus an entity (peut-être un société par actions simplifées - SAS) in France.  Have you already inquired at the CFE or with an advocat?

Hello Roy, thank you for your answer.

French isn't my mother language either.  I am slovak. I just live here by mistake. I talked to one attorney and Chambre de commerce. They told me SCI société civil immobilier (but for société we have to be two people.)So just S.A.R.L.but when I create a S.A.R.L. i have no rights for a financial help for entrepreneurs beginners which may reach the amount of 70.000. If I say to banks (while asking a loan) that my company's activity is going to be real estate, they do not understand i need a PRO loan, not a real-estate mortgage. I even do have a business plan and analyses but nobody reads that. I signed a contract on one rental property which i pay cash but the bank says, it's not enough guarantee. If this would be the income of the s.a.r.l.  would it be enough? But creation of s.a.r.l is about 5.000 euros. Is that a good idea to create an s.a.r.l. for just one property? Where do I have the guarantee, that I will get that loan i need for buying more properties? Still hesitating if the creation of entity is a good idea or is it better to do all as an individual. I need to hear more stories, how others did. I am a homeschooling single mum with zero income at this moment. I can not work for other people anymore. I am going to check out this SAS you recommended to me. Thank You and good luck with everything! Don't you know some hard money lender please who operates in EU? I found my deals already, have my analyses done, have my capital but not enough. Wish you a nice day! 

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My apologies, when I read your initial post, the phrasing gave me the impression you were translating your thoughts from French.

Hopefully BP members closer to you will chime in.   I think @Thierry Van Roy has written about holding property in France here before, perhaps he can be of assistance.

It's brilliant this SAS! There is a possibility SASU (SAS unipersonnel) just for one person. Why nobody told me about this here in France, I don't understand! Thank You again very very much! I will do this one perhaps! Merci (*you know, i speak 7 and half languages, so finally is one big mix of all of them) Merci encore!!!

Hello Bugan, I'm venturing down the same path as you and I would like to know more about your experience. 

Is the process of setting up a SASU complicated? Are there tons of paperwork involved?