Tax Liens in NJ

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I am interested in learning more about Tax Liens investing in NJ.

Can anyone having experience in that area shed some light on this.

I am thinking of it as an option of buying homes at an attractive price point. Apart from that buying investment properties in NJ (Parsippany area), seems outside my risk taking appetite currently.

Any ideas on buying foreclosure or pre-foreclosure properties in that area will also be helpful. 


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I own a sewer lien over 2 years old in New Jersey. I understand that the premium is forfeited after 5 years from the date of the lien sale if the holder doesn't foreclose or the owner doesn't redeem. 

I understand I have the right to foreclose. 

However, how much of the legal fees is the owner obligated to reimburse the lien holder if the lien is redeemed after foreclosure papers are filed?