Website For QUALITY Homeowner Phone Numbers

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Anyone have a website that they really like for looking up the phone numbers of homeowners? I am currently using people smart, but the quality is starting to come off pretty poor so I'm hoping others have better suggestions.

Any feedback is appreciated.

@Ana G. Is there any way to filter past just the first and last name? I see you can choose a state, but it doesn't appear to actually change the results. People smart at least lets you also input the homeowner's address.

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@Patrick Wheeler no idea. I use the find/search function. It's not super accurate but it's an alternative to some of the popular methods. Keep us all updated if you find something even better. Skip trace is one expense I'd be glad to pay if there were any reliable companies out there.

@Ana G. Yeah the accuracy of people smart seems to be pretty low to this point. I spent some time on today and it seemed to be pretty decent. A couple of numbers differed than the ones I found on people smart so I have to try calling these ones now. The key seems to be searching the address, however, not the homeowner's name.

@Patrick Wheeler Gotta be careful of soliciting via residential phone numbers. You will need to make sure people are not on the Do Not Call registry. Calling businesses is fair game, but residential numbers on the DNC list are actually illegal as of 2003. If the number is on the DNC list, its best to send a letter/postcard or simply knock on the door.