Looking to meet investors anywhere near Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Hello BP my name is Petru Weaver. I am a contractor out of Lancaster Pennsylvania looking to get into multi family holding and flipping. I have been working with so many so-called investors in the area flipping apartments and rental houses and I'm just getting very burned out by making people a lot of money and it's just time that I invest into my own company. I am new to BP but very excited about all the info it has to provide and I'm hoping that I can connect with like-minded people in my area.

Welcome to BP!

I am from Lititz, but live overseas, bought our first units in June this year in Harrisburg and York.

Love owning Realestate! 

Wish you all the best, let me know if we can help in anyway!

Welcome Petru!
I am in Mount Joy Pa, and am just starting out my real estate business journey! Bigger pockets has so much incredible information on here. Soak it all up! I've been mostly intrigued by multi family units as well. If you ever wanted to connect over a cup of coffee let me know!

Thank you guys for the warm welcome.

 Chuck thank you for the invite I will definitely check it out on the 15th 

 Vince I would definitely be interested in getting a cuppa coffee sometime 

Welcome to BP! We are fairly new to real estate too and are still learning a ton here. We live and own our rental property in Lancaster but are targeting York and Harrisburg going forward. Hope to see you at one of the local meetings!

Welcome to BP Petru. I too am a contractor from the Harrisburg/Carlisle area. Feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to help your success. Be sure to check out the education on this site, it has give me personally an edge over investors in my area!

Welcome to BP!  I focus on wholesaling and marketing of investor ready properties nationwide (commercial) and all types (mostly residential rentals) in northeastern PA.  Let's connect!

Our headquarters are in Lancaster (and I live in Manheim).  Since we see a lot as a property management company in terms of good and bad of investing across Central PA.... we are always game for meeting up to offer any advice.  

Side note -- we are also hiring full-time contractors across Central PA, though it sounds like you might want to get out of that.   Either way --- hopefully we can meet up at some point.