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Hi everyone!

Has anyone used Realeflow? Is it worth it or can most of the tools used be compared to Bigger pockets? I went to a Fortune Builders 3 day seminar and although I didn't sign up for Mastery (because I don't have 25K sitting around) they did show a bunch of really awesome tools that they use to help them with their deals. After doing some digging I found Realeflow, which is what they use :) I am very excited that I found it because at the seminar I was basically drooling over it and how easy and organized it made everything look. I don't want to get too head over heels over a new software only to learn that I can find an equally awesome (yet more cost effective) tool elsewhere. Realeflow boasts that it can do the following : 

  • Absentee Owner Leads
  • Bankruptcy Leads
  • Free & Clear Leads
  • Tax Lien Leads
  • High Equity Leads
  • Low Equity Leads
  • Upside Down Leads
  • Cash Buyer Leads
  • Renter Leads
  • Private Lender Leads
  • 22 Seller Lead Generation Postcards
  • 4 Buyer Lead Generation Postcards
  • 1 Private Lender Lead Generation Postcard
  • 36 Seller Lead Generation “Handwritten Stationary” Letters
  • 7 Buyer Lead Generation “Handwritten Stationary” Letters
  • 4 Private Lender Lead Generation “Handwritten Stationary” Letters
  • 4 Professional Brochures
  • Unlimited Lead Generation Websites (With 100+ Design Combinations)
  • Search Engine Optimized Core Website
  • UNLIMITED Phone and Email Support

  • Mobile SMS Marketing System
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Email
  • Email Autoresponders (Pre-Built)
  • Smooth Fax

  • CRM
  • Calendar
  • Task Manager
  • Notes
  • Document Storage
  • Property Database
  • Contact Database

  • Comping Tool
  • Deal Analyzer
  • Hammerpoint Repair Estimator
  • Hammerpoint Rehab Planner

  • Seller Script
  • Expense Tracker
  • Paperless Office
  • Auto Form Creator

  • Power Linking
  • Power Matching
  • Sellpoint Marketing Pages

Would you sign up for this? This is the most expensive one for $150 a month but the cheapest is $50 a month. 

Thanks in advance!

Bri Vega

I do not use it, but I'm curious as to what about this list of features appeals to you the most? 

Originally posted by @Kuba F. :

I do not use it, but I'm curious as to what about this list of features appeals to you the most? 

 I am also looking into Realeflow, i've heard good things about it from another local investor who does some volume. Awaiting details in another conversation about what exactly he likes about it.

I use a free software that doesn't have as many features but does have all the basic stuff I need to manage my properties. @Briana Vega haveyou ever tried Rentigo? 

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Renatus students get everything @Briana Vega listed and more for $125/mo.

That note about "hand-written" letters is a factory floor full of robots "holding" ball-point pens "hand"-writing letters and envelopes. They even make subtle changes as they write so it looks human-written. It's actual ball-point, so you can feel the pen impression on the paper.

Postage is extra, of course, paid separately.

I am looking into this service as well. I currently have a subscription to REIBB (REI Blackbook) that does everything this does and maybe more for around the same cost per month.

The biggest problem I have with Realeflow is that it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to add properties to a direct mail campaign. You can't even add a contact to a direct mail campaign. 

Let's say you have identified a property that you want to add to a direct mail campaign. 

The ONLY way to do this is:

1. Add a property.

2. Go to the property page.

3. Click on the contact (top right) you want to send direct mail to.

4. Back out of the contact page and THEN go find the contact in the contacts list.

5. Then click "add to direct mail" from the contacts list.

You should be able to add a property to a direct mail campaign with 1 click, but you cannot. You can't even add a contact to a direct mail campaign with 1 click.

This is a huge downside to what would otherwise be a useful system.

Another problem with Realeflow is that I set up a direct mail campaign before the Monday 9am deadline. So I was expecting my campaign to launch the same week. But now it is 1 week later and the first mailer is scheduled to be delivered 1 to 2 weeks from tomorrow... that is a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks until it hits the mailboxes!!! Way too slow!

@Briana Vega I have used Realeflow for years and the software does have some great features. I like that it's a one-stop shop for much of what I need to do to manage my business. The CRM, business management, lead generation, mobile marketing, deal analyzer, etc are excellent. As my business has grown, I found that some tools don't work as well as they could. The website is great but it's static and it not well optimized for SEO. I recently set up a new website outside of the platform but my leads still go to Realeflow. The comping tool is ok but does not have a live MLS feed, so I have turned to another source for that. @Rori Stumpf  I have used the direct mail engine in Realeflow as well but I found that my campaign cost was much lower when I exported my leads and sent them to a local direct mail house. The mailers get their faster and response rates are better because the owners can see you're local. 

@Colin Williams I'm getting into Wholeselling in Utah and recently signed up for RealeFlow and their 'Leadpipes' - I see they don't skip trace numbers so I'll need to tie in another platform for getting numbers and emails but still think it can be useful for gathering all my data. I'm curious on what this 'direct mail house' is you speak of, do you know how I could find such a place in my Utah market? 

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