What is the Best Skip tracing sites?

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The low tier service companies have terrible phone numbers.

I used Whitepages researched a bunch of leads and called about 40 people. I got 4 live ones. 1 couldn't sell since papa was a rolling stone and had children they knew of but had no communications with. The other husband left. 1 said call me tomorrow I did told me no way JOSE. With research and calling dead ends took 7 hours. Very discouraging I was at the point I would have been happy with a live one cussing me out. At least it would have been the right number.

That being said I heard companies higher tier have a vetting process. Some require a true office in a commercial building. They do a site inspection make sure your files are locked. Lock on office door some might allow a home office don't know who though.

The biggie is they don't allow Their information to be used for marketing.
Property management debt collection works though not cold calling

I always though cold calling was calling random people to place a home for sale a good or service. Calling distress sellers and telling them I want to buy your house is a business proposition. I want to buy your house. Not listing that's offering a service. I want to sell you the latest gizmo gadget. That's. Offering goods.
I want to buy your house so we got some business to discuss. Not marketing.

They don't see It that way at TLO from trans union or TRU Trace from experien they both have real time data though.

Rules. I hate rules let me make a living give me those phone numbers so I can dial for dollars $$$

When The Godfather said I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse He made him an offer. Nobody ever said that was marketing How come Don Corleone can make offers and you can't because it might be marketing Rules.

TLO, IDI (IDICORE) , Experian are all the leading top notch skip tracing/debt collection info type services.  TLO and IDICORE, I believe still allows you to operate out of your home office.  Experian will not. 

 TLO and IDICORE both do home inspections to make sure you have a locking door on your office and a paper shredder.  Make sure you do your research on what a valid reason to have access to these services as they may not approve of any sort of solicitation, like wholesaling or getting in touch with direct homeowners.

A decent alternative is BeenVerified.  There are no hoops to jump through and there data is decent for a $20 a month service.  Unlimited searches no batch uploads though.

Happy house hunting

TruthFinder is a very good one. It also gives you extensive background info on the subject. It is cheap. You can get just the email, or phone #, or a combination of email + phone #. You pay additional for background, or Court checks, and to download the reports. It will give you every email the subject has ever used, or currently uses. The email is extremely accurate. I've used BeenVerified, Spokeo, Whitepages, and was not too thrilled. With Truthfinder, just make sure that once you cancel, that you immediately stop using it even though they leave it on for a while after you cancel. If you keep using it, they will bill you!!!

I recommened batchleads or Batchskiptracing. they tend to have the best data. Yes you pay a slightly higher price, but it's worth it considering you'll have way more hits and you won't have to skip your data a second time because the first round was bad.

There are several skip tracing services, look for a company that has great hit rates, even better customer service, and a referral program so you can earn credits for referring others as well.