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Hey BP Network!

I'm a graduating Senior in college set to start as a Financial Analyst in January of 2018. My goal is to have my first investment property by Summer 2018 in Greenville, NC. My question is how necessary is it to get my Real Estate License during the beginning stages of my investment career?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to BP @Sebastian Kressley !! I am a new investor in Greenville, NC as well. Others here I'm sure will have more experience and knowledge than I do, but from what I have gathered, your real estate license is definitely not necessary to get started or potentially ever. It seems to me that if you can find a great agent that you can trust you can get along great without having to get your license. Some of the benefits to getting your license would be getting commission as well as direct access to the MLS. If you are looking for a great agent in Greenville, NC, check out Rob Hall.

If you're looking to built extra capital buy wholesaling don't get your license because there are certain ways you can't market with your license that you can without. If you're just looking to buy an investment right out it doesn't hurt to have one but it's not necessary. 

@Sebastian Kressley

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Hey Sebastian,

From my experience (graduating in May of 2018), a license opens up many doors. It shows people you are serious about the investing, that you have a basic understanding of RE and some fundamentals that go along with it, and that you are legally able to be paid for your services. 

Coming out of college I understand 100% that it is extremely difficult to fund and operate an entire deal yourself for a variety of reasons. That's why I got my license. Like others have said, it's not a necessity, but extremely beneficial in the beginning stages.

@Curt Powell Thank you very much I will be in contact!

@Michael Travis parrish That's what I was thinking thank you for the advice Michael!

@Ian Kurela How long did it take you to get it? Was it during school or while you were working full time?

Hey, it is not necessary at all to get your real estate license unless you plan to work with buyers and sellers. Find yourself an experienced agent that is familiar with investing. Not all are!! I know a good one....:)