New and scared but really want to get started in REI?

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San Antonio - Yesterday I got an offer accepted for my next buy and hold. I read many questions on BP asking how to do all this and several people have reached out to me along the way but a lot of times I don't think they know where to start. So if you are that person and REALLY want to learn, PM me and I will let you shadow the process. So many people helped me along the way and I am happy to give back (see my profile to know what I've done so far). 

Hi Betty,

Thank you for your willingness to help others!  I sent you a message and would love to shadow you. 

My profile says I'm in CO but I'm actually living back in SA for a while.

All the best,


Hi, I am a looking forward to learning from you if possible. I am trying to message you but it says your contact info is hidden. Being young you barely get chances at learning something from a REI.