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Just wondering if anyone is part of a book swap or exchange? I am fairly new to real estate and would be interested in reading some of the newer books out there. I have Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant. 

If anyone out there has anything they would be willing to trade or exchange, please let me know. 


Seems like a fun idea, I'm a good ways away from Minnesota but I highly recommend checking out all the books in the bigger pockets store. Very detailed and insightful. 

@Adam Widdicombe it may seem cheap but go to your local Goodwill or thrift shop and pick up more books for $.50.  I do this periodically and find many good books.  I actually have a little inventory of books I plan to read.

I also have several copies of the books you mentioned - I give them to friends and other people.

Hello Adam,

I am from Cannon Falls,I have a whole library of books on investing in real estate.I would be happy to meet and trade some books.The first to for everybody should be Become your own banker by Nelson Nash and the other one is swapping real estate for fun and profit by Paul B. Kelly

Hi Adam,

I lost your Phone number.I wanted to invite you to listen to Paul Kelly speak at the Ex changers meeting Oct 1.Let me know and you can attend as my guest.

 MREE is pleased to have this presentation by

Paul Kelley, Renowned Deal Maker & Author

Paul Kelley is one of the Upper Midwests most creative "Real Estate
Deal Makers" in the business. Paul Kelley is also a prestigious "Member
Emeritus" of the Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors. He is the
Author of "Swapping Real Estate for Fun and Profit" available on
Amazon, Google Books, Kindle, etc. Paul's book features 23
Chapters of actual creative transactions he has done. In this era of
late night TV and videos boasting about doing real estate deals Paul
stands out as he has actually done them and tells how in his book.
Paul's presentation will be on 'Creating Your Own Financing'.
Plan to attend.