Trenton NJ- Are the ARTISTS COMING? Is it too late to get in???

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Ok Mercer County investors!! We all know what a crapper Trenton has always been. I lived in Law Twp for 10 yrs but that was 12 yrs ago. I hear some revitalization and arts community chatter!!!! I'm a part time artist myself in Jersey City, and here it's too late to invest. Gentrification has already made it so only wealthy developers can build. Tell me what plans are for Trenton! :) :) Looking at MLS someone out there is buying up the whole damn city. Thanks all. I hope to hear some feedback. :)

I can attest to the chatter over the wire in regards to Trenton being the next big thing.

I recently attended the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market (an amazing time, by the way) that was held in the old Roebling industrial building. Although it's still sketchy down there, I could certainly pick up on a newfound sense of pride of being from Trenton and excitement for new artistic / entrepreneurial / community endeavors. 

As far as the availability of deals, I'm not too sure as I'm brand spanking new to the game. But I certainly am interested in targeting the area. Although it's not something you can measure, I felt and saw the potential of a revival. 

It's about time is all I can say. I lived in Lawrence Twp for about 9 yrs...but that was 12 yrs ago!  It's happened here in my part of Jersey City, once they declare an "Arts District"  or similar name...  BAM! Trenton was SO far downhill, it may take much longer. There are some buildings with beautiful charm and architectural detail! 

I work in Lawrence and live in bucks county and have been intrigued with Trenton for a while now. It is still very street to street but are guys making money there so there is definitely a market for investors you just need to really do your research. I need to get a few more properties under my belt before risking it in Trenton but my eye is on the area....

I have a few houses in Trenton and definitely do not see it moving on up. I have one in mill hill one on the west end by Stuyvesant very bad area and one on the north end not to bad of an area but still not seeing any upwards movement

As a life long Trenton city resident (Currently live in Lawrenceville)and a real estate hobbyist now studying for my MLO License. City houses are still a great investment...prices are real low and rehab/rent or resale! there is still GOLD in these Hills! I have my own list of properties that are a great rate of return on investment that I'm saving for myself if I ever get an Angel Investor or loan...I feel like going to a loan shark (lol would never do...I like my arms and legs!)  Because these deals are fool-proof! Simple arithmetic to see the profit in them!!! Regardless if you turn them into units or duplexes or hold and rent or saleIf you need someone to be YOUR eyes in the city...on properties in the area...and need more detail pictures of properties and need me to forward recent real pictures of properties front and back if I can legally access it!!! Not trespass...

Also handyman services including electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, garbage removal, property management...

Ewing, Trenton, Hamilton, Lawrenceville areas!

Please Forward reachable through Facebook

THANK YOU @Mike Register Sr. !!!!!!!  I knew it. Based on the past 10 year charts, the area is at it's low. I lived in Lawrenceville for 10 years. Left in 2004. I have my eyes on MANY properties. But this agent is trying to talk me out it to invest in Ewing, Hamilton. Some good flip deals there too.! I want my first to be a Buy/Hold for income. Of course I will need management, which I found but he said they are at capacity and call him when I actually make the purchase. Perhaps we should stay connected!!!!!   #partners #reivirgins   HAHHAHA :)  

I have been investing in Trenton NJ for the last 7 Years...   If you want rentals it is a great market.  The prices are notching their way up and there strong demand for rentals.   If you stick to the areas the renters want it is much easier.   Don't be fooled into the cheap cheap properties that look good on paper.   

trying to revive this convo a bit, how is Mill Hill for rentals? My husband and I are mostly interested in renovating historic properties and are interested in the area but is it mostly home owners or do renters want to live in Mill Hill too? Is there a more desirable area to consider if you want to rent out the property?

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