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I am a senior in high school in Ogden Utah, and real estate has caught my eye these last couple of months. What is the best way to learn more than the basics? Books, websites, articles, or even actual experience? I have always been a business interested person would real estate investing even better than being an agent?

I don't think there is 1 best way.  A great book is great, but better BP forum post is better.  I'd say only invest in books highly rated on Amazon, otherwise, watch all the webinars and YouTube videos you can, read and participate in the forums here, surf the net for answers to questions--don't just look for the quick and easy answer by asking here (unless you've researched and can't find/understand the answer, but researching on your own will teach you lots of extra things you didn't expect to learn), and maybe even try to get a job with a contractor or real estate agent or someone else in an aspect of realty that interests you.  Good luck!  :-)

@Tyson Volpi I would recommend listening to all of the BP podcasts. It is free and you will learn a ton!! From there you will hear highly recommended books that you may want to read down the road. 

I would also recommend getting a job in one of the industries. Construction, Property management, realtor. All would be good experience. 

Hi @Tyson Volpi , its excellent your starting to look into this path so young. Books, podcast, forums are good advise. Also let people know what your interested in real estate is a great way to get knowledge. You will get allot of naysayers but it helps thicken the skin and worth it if you find one good person.

The advise that @Eric Gardiner  and @Jody Schnurrenberger give about working in the industry is excellent. I would recommend trying to get some mentoring from someone doing those jobs or from local investors and landlords if you can.  Run errands, answer the phone take notes, pick up trash on a site, what ever. I would avoid kicking in cash to a deal until you get a feel for things, there are some snakes in the grass. Use your age and eagerness when asking what you can do to help and learn. Allot of successful folks are willing to help but dont have the time and many will be impressed at you starting so early. Be respectful and follow through with what ever you said you would help with. Also, if a person turns you down the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time keep trying because the more successful they are, the less available they are. It may not be you, it may be their schedule. 

Ok, now I'm putting on my uncle, father, grandfather hat. You are going to meet allot of types in this business. Most are generally honest, hard working, careful folks but there are a few bad apples that would take advantage. Be open minded but keep an eye out for suspicious or slimy behavior, a good investor will be watching the same thin in you. And for Petes sake, dont sign anything without a full review of what in it. 

Lastly, Investing a slow grind now for a future return in monthly payments and equity. It has more risk for a planned greater return. Being an good agent is a day/night/weekend job that is less risky but capped at a percentage. Both are hard work with similar skills but the mindset is different. I cant give you and advise on actually being a agent because they have to deal with buyers/sellers such as myself. Im a real pain in the butt and i just dont want to deal with customers like me.

Good luck

Read the Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing on BiggerPockets. This is a great place to get started in building up your Real Estate education. I'm just starting out and looking to make my first investment soon, but long before I started looking seriously, I spent some serious time doing research. This book is one of the best things I have found to get started in determining where you want to go in Real Estate investing.

Like several other people on here said, listening the BiggerPockets podcast (I listen to it on YouTube) is a great source of information. BiggerPockets has provided me with a lot of great information; definitely take some time to read through some of the blogs and forums on here.

Get an part time job under investor group. There are so many large and small investors group who need help on part time basis. This will give you real life experience how you will feel like an investor.

@Tyson Volpi Rub shoulders with the investors.. go to your local REIA group... there is one in Ogden they meet the first Tuesday of the month in Ogden..  see you there Tyson...

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@Tyson Volpi   Lots of effort goes into being a real estate investor... tough to just sit on a computer and make it need to mingle to make your pockets jingle.. 

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