Investor friendly title companies in Wilmington DE

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Hello all. I'm testing out the DE market. Need an investor friendly title company in a Wilmington who understand how to close wholesale deals. Anybody doing deals in this area? Any recommendations? If you need help in MD please reach out. Thank you

Hi Rashon!

TitleMind is designed to complete buying and selling of real property for you. It’s a national title/escrow company just like First American, only customized and personalized to our type of property investment activity.

2 products: Escrow Close and Title Close

  • Escrow Close, we complete your transaction on your behalf without title insurance.
  • Title Close, we complete your transaction like any other local or national title company would, with full service and title insurance policy.

Both are designed for your needs: Fast, accurate and complete.

To place your transaction, follow the simple instructions on

Helllo @Rashon Pierce

Here are atty/title companies that work with investors and do title work/closings in DE.  Google for contact info since it can't be added to forum.  Most are located in N. DE but can work statewide.

Global Title

Brian Funk

Ward and Taylor

Bill Dolan

Dominic Balasico /Parkway Law