Setting up a Co-Ownership Agreement in order to BRRRR !!!

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Hello I am in need of some guidance !!!!! I want to get started in Real Estate Investing, I have a paid off home in Arizona. looking to refinance and do the whole BRRRR Strategy BUT the problem is that i am a foreign national and refinancing my home is nearly impossible I've called close to 20 banks and private lenders and most of them dont even deal with foreign nationals and the ones that do make it nearly impossible to invest with the high points closing costs and rates. what i was thinking of doing is adding a U.S. citizen to the tiltle of my home and having a Co- Ownership Agreement in place in order to refinance thru them and gt the best rates most money and lowest closing costs

@Israel Alcaraz It can be easier than that. You can probably just set up a joint venture agreement. My business partner and I have done this with the properties that we have bought this year in Arizona.

@Shilohlundahl Thank you !!!! I will definitely look into that... would you mind sharing your deals and succes doing this type of investing, I am available thru phone, e-mail and live pretty close to burbank we could even go for a cafe at porto's !!! What ever would be more convenient for you I would definitely appreciate it !!!!